Protest Greets Mitt Romney at Hamptons Fundraiser

By Josh Haskell

  • SOUTHAMPTON, New York – After a week vacationing in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney headed back to the fundraising circuit Sunday appearing with his wife Ann at three private residences in the Hamptons.

One of the high-dollar events was held at the shorefront estate of billionaire David Koch, whose Southampton compound was tightly secured in part because of roughly 150 protesters in the area. Members of Occupy Wall Street and made up those protesting, shouting and holding signs illustrating their anger towards “money in politics.”

David Segal with the Long Island Progressive Coalition said his group isn’t worried about who’s running for President. “What bothers me,” he said as a black stretch-limo drove passed, “is that people like David Koch are buying our politicians.”

The Koch fundraiser cost $50,000 a person to attend, $75,000 per couple. One of the protesters on an adjacent street to the property held a sign that read “Your $50,000 ticket = My yearly salary.”

As a $400,000 dollar Rolls Royce passed the barricaded crowd, they decided to take their message to the beach – which also serves as the backyard of Koch’s home. As protesters gathered and sang the star spangled banner, the secret service stood atop a sand dune at the edge of the property and looked on. The beach is public property and no arrests were made.

The New York Times reported Romney would raise over $3 million during the Hamptons swing, which began in East Hampton at the 75-acre estate of Revlon chairman Ron Perlman. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was a special guest at the fundraiser which cost between $5,000-$25,000 to attend. The third event took place in Southampton as well, on the same street as the Koch’s home.

Although the protesters only got a glimpse of Romney as his motorcade entered and exited the closed Southampton street, they regarded the protest as a success – saying it was an opportunity to take their message to those responsible.

Romney’s fundraising blitz continues Monday with a private event in Aspen, Colo.


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