Six Springfield Residents to Travel to RNC to Protest

My name is Jason Davis and I am really excited about the opportunity to go protest at the RNC.  Though I’m 43 years old, I’ve only just started to become more aware of politics.  I was raised in a Christian family. Needless to say, I’m the black sheep of the family.

I am 80% in the middle when voting.  I have a few issues that lean to the right but consider myself socially liberal.  I am a small business owner here in Springfield, IL.  I started a flooring business in 1998 and moved it here to Springfield in 2001, one week after 9/11.

Since that time, the way the economy has tanked, I haven’t really been able to grow my business.  During the W years (President Bush), it seems that the rich get all the breaks.  I’m much better off than most people in that I do have my own business and own my house with no worries of foreclosure.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not doing great.  In fact, my gas is shut off but I get by rather well most of the time. When we can, my wife and I eat out a couple times a week (though we do search Facebook for dinner specials).  We try to take a weekend getaway every few months, too. We have to really save for that.  We are hard working people and should have plenty.

Why don’t we?   I believe it’s because the Republican Party has one agenda above all else.  They said it the first day they took the House a couple years ago – the only thing they care about is making President Obama a one-term President.  They block everything good that the Democrats put forth. No compromise, just rhetoric.

It seems the Republican party cares more about electing one of their cronies than they care about the American people.

That’s why I want to protest at the RNC.  They sure don’t care about people at the bottom.  They only care about their back room deals and sucking the rest of us dry to be able to buy their 15th house and third yacht.  They should be governing and thinking and voting the conscience of the people, not the agenda of the elite. Do they realize that people are trying to live off of $8.25 an hour?  You cannot.  It seems to me that the Republicans are more interested in making millionaires into billionaires.  So I am going to the RNC and I want to be there to shout.  I want to be there to be seen.  I want to lend my voice in support of those of us who weren’t born into riches.


Jason Davis

Springfield Resident

About actionnowillinois

Action Now Illinois’s mission is to organize working families and strengthen their voices on issues of racial, social and economic justice. Action Now is active on issues that include foreclosure and vacant properties, school improvement, access to health care, living wage jobs, utility costs, immigrant rights, public safety, (both antiviolence and criminal justice reform), and environmental justice. Action Now Illinois is a member-driven organization. Our issue campaigns come out of listening to community residents through regular monthly meetings, engaging the base by going door-to-door and mobilizing all residents to take part in their community. Our leadership development includes formal leadership training and the active involvement by members in the planning, implementation and evaluation of issue campaigns. Action Now Illinois members are committed to fight for equal rights, equal services, and equal justice for working families. To become a member of Action Now; call (217) 528-1356 or e-mail!
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