Bain Bus Tour: A Glimpse Into an Economy Run by Mitt Romney

They say you can’t predict the future, but today we got a pretty clear glimpse of what life might be like if Mitt Romney is elected president. Let us tell you, it’s not pretty.

Hard-working Americans who work at Bain-owned companies are so concerned about the future of the country under Romney that they’ve taken to the road to spread the word. They stopped here in Moline and we went to hear what they had to say.

Bain Capital is a private equity firm that owns businesses like Michaels craft stores and Outback Steakhouse. Bain is owned by Mitt Romney who says he’ll run the country like he runs his firm.

And that’s the problem.

As we heard today, Bain employees work hard, but they make only minimum wage. With families to support, mortgages to pay and food to buy, many of them just can’t make it on one or even two jobs alone.

This isn’t how America should be. We need a strong middle class where people who do work hard fulfill the American dream and contribute to society.

Instead, the Romney Economy is an economy where people can’t survive on the wages they make. It’s an economy that favors the rich at the expense of working families—one that pulls away the ladder of economic mobility and says people are only as fortunate as the circumstances of their birth.

We’re home healthcare workers who lost our own jobs to budget cuts a few months ago. We understand where these workers are coming from because we’ve both been forced to move in with our families just to get by. We worked hard, but fell on bad times. That doesn’t mean we—or anyone else in similar situations—deserve to be ignored.

This election season we’re voting for candidates who support the 99% because we care about our communities, our families and our economy. We think you should, too.

–This guest blog post was written by Sandra Leathers and Cynthia Rivers of Peoria, Ill.

About actionnowillinois

Action Now Illinois’s mission is to organize working families and strengthen their voices on issues of racial, social and economic justice. Action Now is active on issues that include foreclosure and vacant properties, school improvement, access to health care, living wage jobs, utility costs, immigrant rights, public safety, (both antiviolence and criminal justice reform), and environmental justice. Action Now Illinois is a member-driven organization. Our issue campaigns come out of listening to community residents through regular monthly meetings, engaging the base by going door-to-door and mobilizing all residents to take part in their community. Our leadership development includes formal leadership training and the active involvement by members in the planning, implementation and evaluation of issue campaigns. Action Now Illinois members are committed to fight for equal rights, equal services, and equal justice for working families. To become a member of Action Now; call (217) 528-1356 or e-mail!
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