Durbin’s Constituents to Hold Candlelight Prayer Vigil Tonight on Protecting the Middle Class

Huge banner signed by local people will call on Durbin, Schock to champion “jobs not cuts” in fiscal cliff negotiations

(Springfield, Ill.) Area residents will hold an evening prayer vigil in front of Sen. Dick Durbin’s office here to urge this national leader to fight for jobs and middle class tax cuts and against cuts to Medicare and other vital services in the so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations over spending and taxes. The protest is one of more than 100 taking place Monday in cities nationwide.

“I want Senator Durbin to focus on creating good jobs and making sure the wealthiest 2% don’t avoid paying their fair share of taxes,” says Marcus Parker. “I would also like to remind my senator that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are not ‘entitlements’– they are something the middle class has paid for our entire lives.”

Parker and other area members of Action Now Illinois will join in Monday’s night’s prayer vigil sponsored jointly by SEIU Healthcare, AFL-CIO, AFSCME and others.

During the vigil, Action Now Illinois volunteers will also obtain signatures on a banner reading “jobs not cuts” and then converge Tuesday (Dec.11) noon on the offices of U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock to try to get a commitment from him to extend the middle class tax cuts, which have already passed the Senate but did not yet come to a vote in the House.

About actionnowillinois

Action Now Illinois’s mission is to organize working families and strengthen their voices on issues of racial, social and economic justice. Action Now is active on issues that include foreclosure and vacant properties, school improvement, access to health care, living wage jobs, utility costs, immigrant rights, public safety, (both antiviolence and criminal justice reform), and environmental justice. Action Now Illinois is a member-driven organization. Our issue campaigns come out of listening to community residents through regular monthly meetings, engaging the base by going door-to-door and mobilizing all residents to take part in their community. Our leadership development includes formal leadership training and the active involvement by members in the planning, implementation and evaluation of issue campaigns. Action Now Illinois members are committed to fight for equal rights, equal services, and equal justice for working families. To become a member of Action Now; call (217) 528-1356 or e-mail ActionNowSPI@gmail.com!
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